Domaine Nicolas Suteau

I have been an independent winegrower and vineyard owner in La Remaudière, in Loire Atlantique, since 2007.

The estate comprises 6.7 hectares (16.5 acres) of vines in a historically Breton area, to the west of the Loire Valley.

I mainly grow four grape varieties


5 ha


0,7 ha


0,5 ha


0,5 ha

My quest for natural wine

Several years ago, I began a long series of adjustments in the vineyard and the winery in order to produce ‘living wines’ that have character.
I wanted to put meaning back into my work.

For me, making natural wine is about respecting the whole vineyard environment, so that the vines can thrive and produce fruity, authentic and expressive wines. It is a commitment to excellence which requires a great deal of humility, patience and attention to detail.

I do everything I can to welcome and encourage the development of biodiversity in the soil, on the grapes and around the vineyard, through different techniques such as the use of manure, organic treatments, tree planting and by maintaining landscape diversity.

Much of what I do is dictated by instinct, lunar patterns and the seasons, which allows me to remain in connection with the vines.