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Légende bretonne
Arzur, Melon B Arthur, Roi de Camelot


Arthur (Arzur in Breton), the King of all Britannia, is the best known mythical character in all of Europe. Having succeeded in bringing the different Celtic nations together, his kingdom extended on both sides of the Channel.

A unique wine from the only remaining Celtic wine region

On the granite soils of this once Breton land, influenced by the tides of the Atlantic Ocean, the Melon B. variety flourishes, giving an exceptional wine with both natural and fruity flavours.

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Bohort, Folle Blanche Bohort, roi de Gaunes


The son of the King of Gaunnes, known as Bors in English, joins the Round Table with his brother Lionel and his cousin Lancelot. This knight of exceptional bravery, who bears a scar on his forehead, is always willing to fight to save those weaker than him. He is famed for his courage and virtuousness in his quest for the Grail which he finally discovers alongside Lancelot.

One of the best expressions of Folle Blanche on Breton soil

Very slightly filtered with a lemon colour, this dry yet delicately fruity wine is an absolute classic of the Nantes wine region and an ideal partner for seafood.

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Merzhin, vin mousseux Folle Blanche/Melon B Merlin l'enchanteur


One of the key characters in the Arthurian tales, Merzhin is no other in English than Merlin the magician. At the origin of both the birth of Arthur and his ascension to the throne of Brittany, this fascinating character rules the elements, can metamorphose into an animal and understands the science of the stars. Seen as a great druid, a semi-demonic character or the last shaman, the character continues to fascinate us.

Sparkling wine with a tangy finish

Made with a blend of Melon B. and Folle Blanche, this pet-nat wine is aged on lees in the bottle for over a year. Its lemon colour and delicate, slightly saline aromas will appeal to those who enjoy a natural, oceanic taste.

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Gawain, ??? Gauvain, chevalier de la Table Ronde


The Arthurian character Sir Gawain is connected with the sun – his strength waxed and waned as the sun rose and set. He is one of the archetypal Medieval knights known for strength, courage, wisdom and chivalry. According to Chrétien de Troyes, Perceval took him for a model, in particular for his ability to come to the rescue of dames and damsels in distress.

Deep red wine with red fruit notes

This Pinot Noir, grown on very stony soil and harvested completely naturally, has an intense nose combining red fruits and notes of spices.

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